Bust a Purple Nut!!!!


Check out my sandz

Mixtape submission from my sandz at Cornell. The only thing I gotta say about Ivy League Nupes that spit is, Naledge. No more words. check it out for free download at DatPiff


TRD Vol. 2: Parties 'N' Bullshit Hosted by DJ Reflection

TRD Vol. 2: Parties 'N' Bullshit

blah blah blah

yo! i'm on twitter too bitchezzz twitter.com/vitamin_butta

anywho - i'm in the effin library WORKING. i'm killing myself, all in the name of rent money - that i don't even have to pay now because i have a subletter because i'm going to PERU! chyeaaa =)

i have heard that i may be the tallest person down there, but i'm still rocking my 3&4inch pumps, because that's what i do! i'm actually pretty hype about this trip. i'll be taking classes and all that jazz, but i won't be in pgh and i won't be in the states! and i'm going to the amazon on some jungle safari shizza. lol

my blog is better than yours: justvibewithme.blogspot.com

Vitamin "B"


White Greeks

Soo.. White greeks are no where near as concerned about their colors as Black greeks are. Case in point: I'm walkin down Bigelow Ave. in the heart of Pitt's campus and I see this black dude in White fraternity letters, I think it was like Tau Epsilon Phi or somethin and the colors on his hoodie were ridiculous. He had on a light/faded pink sweatshirt with white letters on it, but the white letters had like a powder blue glittery sequins outline.. In the words of my dude Phonte' "c'mon dog.."



Family Business

Check out some shit from my cousin. Well he ain't spittin on this, but he's a beast when he does spit and he fuks wit the CollegeBoyMovement. Get wit tha squad or get lost. N we got the mixtape bak...

The Rough Draft Vol. 2

It's back from tha DJ.. So get ready, it'll be up soon.



Twitter me 2. But yea man, I'm sittin in this Human Resources office tryna get an internship like a sucka. I realized I don't wanna be famous like the boy Nick P, I jus wanna be behind the scenes keeping the machine running. A regular 9-5 j-o-b bever seemed to be fitting for me, jus a back up plan lol. I wanna be the fresh nigga, wit the money n the big whip makin ppl say dam what that nigga do lol. I'm far from that now lol, I wanna trade my campus fame for more campus money, kuz this shit id for the birds. Nick, where the fuk is ur mixtape?

Twitter Me Baby?

So like the rest of the free world, I have grown mildly attached to this Twitter site. Twitter, which is nothin more than a constant status update, got tha i-net goin crazy right now. What I'm unsure of tho is whether or not Twitter is poppin like it is because it's genuinely that dope or if its just a fad. Either way its starting to consume people's lives.. I will never understand why people would "tweet" me rather than text me.. You have my phone number.. And you jus "tweeted" me from ya mobile device.. Was it easier than texting? Now its a day later and I'm just now getting your message b/c you wanted to be trendy. Stupid.



How Looong Will It Take?

I really wanna be famous. Not even that I think, I jus wanna make my livin by livin my dream. So I guess some amounts of fame would be required by necessity. Fuck BET and MTV. I wanna be on tha road, travellin tha country makin and performin fa real people who feel real music. I wanna travel from campus to campus connectin wit other students about tha shit we livin. Maybe one day..

I do wanna get this reality tv show poppin too. Just fyi. Because my roommates are pretty fuckin funny if I should say so myself.