Nick Pratt - Month of MAYhem

Month of MAYhem

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Nick Pratt Opening for Wale

Whats Good Blogworld,
I haven't written here in a good minute (for real) so when I logged on I realized I had to make a huge announcement in case yall didn't know about this. My homeboy Nick Pratt is opening for Wale....featuring UCB.....and Colin Monroe..Commonwealth Family is also opening (shoutout to GR, Mos, Ri Double, and of Course Young Roscoe). Anyway, this is a big deal to me as a DMV native which Wale reps so well. If you have never seen a gogo band perform live you need to go to this show! If you have never seen Nick Pratt live you need to go to this show! If you have nothing to do you need to go to this show! You have no excuses because its going to be hot...point blank...If you haven't listened to Nick's mixtape yet,Parties and Bullshit, you should check that out too!


Check out my sandz

Mixtape submission from my sandz at Cornell. The only thing I gotta say about Ivy League Nupes that spit is, Naledge. No more words. check it out for free download at DatPiff


TRD Vol. 2: Parties 'N' Bullshit Hosted by DJ Reflection

TRD Vol. 2: Parties 'N' Bullshit

blah blah blah

yo! i'm on twitter too bitchezzz twitter.com/vitamin_butta

anywho - i'm in the effin library WORKING. i'm killing myself, all in the name of rent money - that i don't even have to pay now because i have a subletter because i'm going to PERU! chyeaaa =)

i have heard that i may be the tallest person down there, but i'm still rocking my 3&4inch pumps, because that's what i do! i'm actually pretty hype about this trip. i'll be taking classes and all that jazz, but i won't be in pgh and i won't be in the states! and i'm going to the amazon on some jungle safari shizza. lol

my blog is better than yours: justvibewithme.blogspot.com

Vitamin "B"


White Greeks

Soo.. White greeks are no where near as concerned about their colors as Black greeks are. Case in point: I'm walkin down Bigelow Ave. in the heart of Pitt's campus and I see this black dude in White fraternity letters, I think it was like Tau Epsilon Phi or somethin and the colors on his hoodie were ridiculous. He had on a light/faded pink sweatshirt with white letters on it, but the white letters had like a powder blue glittery sequins outline.. In the words of my dude Phonte' "c'mon dog.."



Family Business

Check out some shit from my cousin. Well he ain't spittin on this, but he's a beast when he does spit and he fuks wit the CollegeBoyMovement. Get wit tha squad or get lost. N we got the mixtape bak...

The Rough Draft Vol. 2

It's back from tha DJ.. So get ready, it'll be up soon.



Twitter me 2. But yea man, I'm sittin in this Human Resources office tryna get an internship like a sucka. I realized I don't wanna be famous like the boy Nick P, I jus wanna be behind the scenes keeping the machine running. A regular 9-5 j-o-b bever seemed to be fitting for me, jus a back up plan lol. I wanna be the fresh nigga, wit the money n the big whip makin ppl say dam what that nigga do lol. I'm far from that now lol, I wanna trade my campus fame for more campus money, kuz this shit id for the birds. Nick, where the fuk is ur mixtape?

Twitter Me Baby?

So like the rest of the free world, I have grown mildly attached to this Twitter site. Twitter, which is nothin more than a constant status update, got tha i-net goin crazy right now. What I'm unsure of tho is whether or not Twitter is poppin like it is because it's genuinely that dope or if its just a fad. Either way its starting to consume people's lives.. I will never understand why people would "tweet" me rather than text me.. You have my phone number.. And you jus "tweeted" me from ya mobile device.. Was it easier than texting? Now its a day later and I'm just now getting your message b/c you wanted to be trendy. Stupid.



How Looong Will It Take?

I really wanna be famous. Not even that I think, I jus wanna make my livin by livin my dream. So I guess some amounts of fame would be required by necessity. Fuck BET and MTV. I wanna be on tha road, travellin tha country makin and performin fa real people who feel real music. I wanna travel from campus to campus connectin wit other students about tha shit we livin. Maybe one day..

I do wanna get this reality tv show poppin too. Just fyi. Because my roommates are pretty fuckin funny if I should say so myself.




Soo ya boy went to D.C. from Saturday to Tuesday for this conference that didnt see no parts of me. I instead chilled wit my prophyte and my potna and spent money that I didn't have.. Blew some rap money and then some pretend money. It was great! D.C. has a high ass AIDS population, so the theme of the week was from my boy Gorilla Zoe, "she got her tongue ring for free, she can't put that tongue on me, she can put that tongue on you, you can catch that shit for free." Pretty much sums up how I feel about the D.C. chicks. The quote of the week, however, was made from LaKeshia, a Howard U student, about the homosexuals on her campus stating, "yeah its a buncha faggots here. dey be wearing uggs.. dancin round and twitchin and shit." Mayne dat shit was fuuuunnnyy!! She aint lie tho.. The homosexuals were heavy in the District.. Prolly a main factor in the AIDS Epidemic.. SMDH.


P.S. I think the mixtape gon be done this weekend.. I got my fangaz crossed.


Reality Show

As I sit in class, once again training my virtual rat, I decided the world needed 2 hear from me. I feel like I need my own show, well not me, but the squad. Like real rap, fuk a college hill. I aint seen no real krazy shit on that show yet, and we all cooler than any nigga who ever been on it. Yea, we done had the beefs (not wit each other), the hoes (lovely ladies I mean), we funny as shit, get fly than a hawk while yall as fly as a penguin. I mean, I jus don't gettt itttt. Fuk it, lets get this bread, and all that. DJ Reflection komeee on with the mixtape, the streets is fiendin (kinda), if not they should be. More random thoughts but I dont feel like writing them haha.

Barry B the Youngest in Charge


Bone Update

Wats Up World!!!!! Shout To My Lil Big Bro Nick Owen On Releasing YET Another Mixtape.........Mine Is Currently In The Works Hosted By Definition DJ Tuss, The Realest Nigga In The Classroom: HBCU, we lookin at about a middle May release. Also the new single "HomeGurl" is steady gainin momentum across the south.....shout out to DJ Cool-Aid in -Mississippi........so i appreciate the support....follow me on Twitter Heir Bone, Facebook D/FW and PVAMU Network Heir Bone, and myspace.com/swaggaking1. Preciate Tha Love we at almost 40 stacks in plays. Ima keep grindin, yall keep supportin.


-P.S Shout to the U of Pitt in tha Tourney bet Yall Cant Win It All LOL


All Gone

My money... all goneeeee. Spent 2 much in Phoenix, blew it all on some birthday candle shit. Fuk itt, Now itz time 2 get some bread wit Nick. Formula 412 sound like car oil, for old broken down 1992 Civics.Its all good tho, kuz even though outsiders ain't cooperating and are actin like hoes, the team is strong and its simple: roll wit us, or get rolled over. Ya Diggs? Time 2 start to plan the listening party, this would be more productive in a city that's not Pittsburgh, but we'll set it up right. We need shows... shows, shows, shows,,, and sponsorships n money. I guess thats my job, shit im tryin lol.

Barry B the Youngest in Charge



Soo.. I need money. I'm not gettin to open up for N.E.R.D. they picked Formula 412 (b/c they're a Pitt band? b/c i'm sure the requirements were that you had to be a Pitt band, atleast that's what they said on twitter those lyin summabitches), so I'm instead gonna focus back on developin my sound. Writin deez bars and gettin in tha studio wit Bobby and D.Nice makin deez hats. Tha first single is almost here and the second single will be coming shortly! Its time for the take over, College Boy Movement. 2000-Grind!


P.S. The mixtape is on tha way.. DJ Reflection doin his thang right now so be ready!

P.P.S. Annnndd we may be havin a listenin/release party soo stay posted!


Young Scolla -" Lust For Greatness"

Check my folk Young Scolla out. He makin moves outta Detroit. "Lust For Greatness"


Successful Pt. 2

Boutta leave tha studio now..

Very Productive..

Made me realize dat this thang may have been meant to be..

More later..


Fuck Phoenix

Ballin ass roommates on spring break trips n shit. I'm at da studio.. Grindin. And not "Da Corna" either, I'm talkin bout dis expensive ass CMU Studio gettin it in. Video footage and tracks comin soon.


Got a New Phone..

BlackBerry Curve.. Yes.. A female phone.




Bak in Jerz

Let me start this off on a somewhat random, but revealing note. Apparently this doesn't happen to anyone but me, lol but if you have been wit a shorty more than twice, and have to ask 4 head. Chances are she ain't good at it, so why waste the time. The girls wit a mean top game take pride in that, and therefore do it on their own. Lol but yea apparently this only affects me.
Back to reality, I'm bak in the great, often hated on, state of New Jersey. This trip is gonna be relatively trouble free, mmaybe kuz I jus got here yesterday and I'm leaving in a few hours. On the ride home from forty deuce yesterday I learned some great shit, one of my best friends stopped Bangin. Y'all readin this are prolly college kids livin in a bubble, but shit kan get real out here, or anywhere. But, although he gonna be facin a lil heat 4 it n whatnot, niggaz ain't tryna go 2 war over 1 lost member, and trust me, niggaz kan make it a war. Anywhooooo, 2morro I'm off to Phoenix, warm weather, outdoor bball courts, and hopefully a tat 4 me depending on how much it is. I'm excited, goin 2 da desert, tryna see some cacti n shitttt. I'll be hittin y'all wit updates n shitt 1nce I'm there.
Twitter me babbbbbyyyyy: BarryB7. N I'm out

Barry B The Youngest in Charge


Highly Pissed

I have been defeated, I am very shocked by the outcome, and I personally want to say FUCK YOU to all of the people that voted for Neo. If any of YA'LL ever come to Texas I'll be sure to treat you with the upmost disrespect. Thank You


And The Winner Is..

As if yall didnt know who was gon be victorious! Much love to tha nigga Bone tho. Dats my boy all day. Yo this time change thang gotcha boy effed up in tha game, I'm soooo glad its sprang break so I can get acclimated to dis foolishness, I jus hope tha weather holds over (minus this lil rain).
So I got home today, mind you its like 3am and its some random chick sittin on tha steps to tha unoccupied crib next door. So me being tha nice guy dat I am, asked lil mama if errythang was straight and she was like yeah, but as I was goin in tha crib she asked if she could come sit inside and I told her yeah. So she came in wit this big ass diaper bag lookin thang full of her shit and she proceeded to tell me bout dis big ass fight dat her and her boyfriend just got in, and me, being generally unamused, began to text errybody bout dis random ass chick i had sittin on my couch and my ADP pointed out to me that my story sounded like tha beginning of a bad horror flick and at that point I was confused as to why I would let dis broad in tha crib.. Too late. She finally left, but as I think back on her story, she was talkin bout her man aint shit and I wondered, if a nigga/chick aint got nothin spectacular goin for them, what keeps you around? It's gotta be somethin right? She said there was nothin worth holdin on to with this dude. Not even the sex. That's stupid to me, but jus somethin for yall to think about while choosin future partners. Make sure that if anything, they at least know how to put it down in tha room. Otherwise, what good are they? Exactly.



I need a new phone..

Preferably somethin with a keyboard..

Make it happen.



I Jus Wanna Be Successful..

Sooo.. It's pretty much spring break for ya boy and I'm glad. Big sigh of relief right derr and it also seems like errythang is coming to a close. Had a very good meeting the other night, finished up all my assignments, and am almost officially finished wit this mixtape. So far, so good.

In Barry B's quest to make me famous so we can get paid, tonight I believe I'll find out whether or not I'm going to be opening up for N.E.R.D. March 28th, so pray for me, b/c I need it. This might be the show that opens up some doors for ya boy. Between, that, this mixtape, Bone's recent success (my potna hit me up at 3 in da mornin to tell me how big his song is gettin.. POW), and Beewirks doin tracks fa all these major artists (Slum Village, Chaundon, and Stat Quo jus to name a few) it looks like the Movement is about to be ON.

Now.. if only this biweekly meeting could happen so I can either go home and go to sleep or go do some music!!!! Sheesh..



Wow They Went In... HARD

Some niggas yall might have heard of some yall may not have, but altogether they are "Ocean's 5" and dey can be caught goin hard right here, right now.

Let me katch u up , and droppa TRACKK

Yea, It's definitely been a minute since I wrote anything besides say fuck the Que's. So as i'm sittin here bumpinnnn the incredibad album I thought I wud let yall in2 some shit. Bongg, So Far Gone dropped, and everybody immediately hailed it as the best shit ever. SIKEEEE, I dont even bangs wit it, and no1 will put out a better mixtape than MM2, soooo stfu. Nick The Scholar Pratt, or whatever he is kallin himself now, is gettin famous, gettin placement on web sites and I'll actually post a track here. Tryna get the downloads up to a millionnnnn. Also, last time I checked I had the most profile views on here, which makes me the man. The man who foolishly lost his fone, and is jus sittin in da krib waitin 4 da slow ass mailman to drop my new off. I also copped a hard ass play cloths polo, I feel accomplished now.

O yeaa, let me do wut I promised
http://www.sendspace.com/file/up0v48 http://www.sendspace.com/file/up0v48 http://www.sendspace.com/file/up0v48 http://www.sendspace.com/file/up0v48 http://www.sendspace.com/file/up0v48 http://www.sendspace.com/file/up0v48


Bone Kill Yourself...

OOPS!! It's too late.. I did it for you. Tha Step Show ended last night. This afternoon I now have tha song fa Bone and da rest of da world. Here it is. I'ma try to put a poll on here too so DeMarcus the Heir to Nick Pratt's shadow can sit his ass down.


Im Better Than Nick Pratt

Recently do to my success I have had the privledge of doing a bunch of songs related to my life. One in particular "Where Tha Money At" features my brother Nick Pratt. For some reason he is under the impression that his verse was better than mine on this song(Crazy Right?). Well after hearing such remarks I requested that he put tha song on the blog an let the people decided and yet he has failed to do so. Which brings me to the conclusion that he is scared and doesnt want his ego crushed; therefore, he has allowed it to "slip" his mind or he has been too"busy". What are you scared of Nick? Answer: bONE is better MC than Nick Pratt!!!!!

Go Check Me Owt<-(Slugg) at myspace.com/swaggaking1 an hola at me on facebook under the alias of Harris Smith on the Prairie View A&M University Network and The D/FW network

"College Boy Movement South MuthaFucker People Know US"


Well I'm Back.. Alright Alright

Ay Barrett.. eat a dick. I aint tryna talk shit but when your organization can live up to mine I wont make your ass stay banned in tha third floor. I might even call it a truce if yall was gettin it in like we do, but.. unfortunately thas not tha case.

..and I'm gone.


Fuck Nick and whatever he is talking about. I mean, us NUPEs don't reall feel the need to diss all like that. Maybe a littel bit but we don't spend our entire lives trying to prove to someone that we're better than them. I mean, they already understand that. And that's why they try 2 hurt our feelings... Nigga I'm grown, dat don't bother me lol. YOOO TO THE BRO'ZZZ

Steel City Step Show

I'm sitting up in David Lawrence now with my Dean, ADP, and LB (YBG'z bizznatch!!!!) preppin fa tha stepshow tomorrow and I realize that I really want this to be over. I think our show is pretty dope to say tha least, however, i dont feel a victory. You can say we brang it on ourselves b/c we diss too much. Oh well.. Whatchu think we in tha computer lab workin on now? finishin up deez disses. If tha kappas didn't hate us before dey should now.. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! And tha Alphas and tha Sigmas of course. Who? Iotas? WTF is that? Mayne fuck all of em in my personal opinion. Its a big bow wow in Que Thousand Nine and suck a doggy dick if you hatin..

..AND I'M GONE!!!!




Paper.. Something that I don't have, and something that I need to work on. My fuckin prophyte, LBs, and a K (or Pinky for some of yall non-southerners) are chillin in my room.. And I have 5 pages to write by Monday at 4:45pm. I opted out of going out and being in this Wiz Khalifa video shoot at tha club so I could work on a paper. Yet, I'm sitting here with no pages read and no pages written. What the fuck? I hate school.



Man Fuck The StepShow

Man fuck the stepshow.

I'm at my prophyte crib right now. He's drunk playin xbox and i jus spent the whole day not filming like I was posed to. People just not comin through like dey say dey goin to. I'm really tired of this shit

I'm gettin ready for tha longest week ever. Two papers, an exam and the hopshow. In the words of myself, "fuck these midterms, midterms." I just wanna grow up to be a famous rapper.

Speaking of which, the mixtape is coming. Soon. Hopefully. I'm just waitin on artwork and tryna find a DJ to host it, so if you know anybody that'll do it for a reasonable, free price, let me know.

Man fuck the stepshow.




I need to schedule a trip to Timebomb, tomorrow sounds good to go. Shorty copped me a nice lil $50 certificate to cop some play cloths wit. She listens, surprisingly lol. I'm sittin here on the website and pretty much everything is sold out. Expected... My blogging on weaves got alotta reads, mainly from ppl I made read it. whatever, fuk it who kares. N I'm leavin class so Im outttt


I think I'm gonna sing all my own hooks from here on owt.


Yoooo wutz good. As I get stuck at 16 bars I decided 2 hit the blog up. I'm still waitin on Nick's mixtape, nigga got the world waitin like dat shit is kool, it ain't. I'm actually at work right now listening to my co workers talk about taking weave out. YOu see Dorthy has her first glue in weave, and she's scared as shit that the glue is gonna pull her hair out, which it probably will. She sounds so foolish, while the weave "professionals" (Kara and Genna) are telling her it will all be fineeeeee. The things you females do. I personally HATE weave. Why lie about the length of your hair? The nigga is gonna find out eventually, foolish ass fools. N now we in da car arguin about it. "What if your hair falls out?" Foolish nigga your hair ain't fall out so what are you saying. Awwww mannnnn, now we're comparing weave to bracessssss. I'm done wit this shit. I never seen my mother or sister wit a weave, and that's all I have to go on. Ya digg me? And shit, its usuallypretty dam obvious when shorty has weave. I ain't stupid, I kno dam well that tou don't have a layer of ur hair that stops at ur shoulders, and another that stops at your nipple. Fukkkk outta here.
This discussion led us to talking about make up. Make up ain't bad, but all dat make up every day? You are lying about what you look like constantly, to the point where you may even forget. Lies women tell, and y'all say niggaz are bad. At least you know what I look like. And that's all 4 now. Random confusion of the mind of Barry B. May have a part 2 komin soon.


College Boy Movement: Prairie View A&M University

Wats Poppin World dis tha Heir To Tha Future Bone n da building. I got Texas rockin on tha College Boy Movement Nick wasnt bullshit people know us. Go check out my new single "HomeGurl" myspace.com/swaggaking1 leave a comment. Oh an yes I am a better rapper then Nick Pratt lol....................fuk wit a playa leave dem lames on they playstation



Jesus put me on the pay roll

god wit this shit, jesus put me on the pay roll...
So, I'm sitting in class as my lil virtual rat trains himself, and I'm thinking to myself, "How can I be as cool as my roomates?" And there's no way possible, I mean, yall hear Nick P on the tracks, and read G Curts poetry n advice for females. These niggaz r 2 cool. So I decided I wud jus get in where I fit in. I'm pretty excited for this new spring Play cloths drop tomorrow, minus the fact that I have no breadddddd. R2, where them checks attttt? That cardigan looks soooo hard, prolly wont be in Pgh, but fuk it I need it. I need a girl who will sponsor me n buy me nice DKNY cardigans, wait we're talkin about Play cloths. On dat note shout out 2 G lol. I feel like I should work on my mixtape, Its gonna be about gettin fresh n thats pretty much it. It's gonna be on leak jones n then imma get signed n go platinum... And 50 won't diss me I'll get Chris Brown 2 beat up his baby momzzzz

Chris Brown - Beat You Down

Soooo I know I haven't posted in a while...so I decided to come back strong. Me and my homeboy went to the studio today and made this track just for yall. Let me know what you think:


I'm On A Boat...



i think...BIGGIE...OBAMA...bitches...HIP HOP

biggie is the best rapper ever! bitch!

rahh...i'm sitting in this damn library TRYING to be productive but it is not working. i honestly think i can never get shit done unless i'm procrastinating...i don't have much to say actually. i heard busta rhymes comin to pgh at the end of the month, who's tryna go with me?? AY PRATT get that song together so you can be blazin hip hop&r&b on WAMO asap! niggyyy. m'fucker....sorry temporary pittsburgh 'slang' slip...

i just read this article by Rosa Clemente who ran for VP with Cynthia McKinney on the Green Party ticket. She's writing about Obama and how he is not the first hip hop President. I guess it came after a lot of 'heads of hip hop' were calling President Obama a hip hop President and because Obama used the 'hip hop generation' to his advantage during his campaign.

my first question would be - what the fuck is a hip hop President?
second question - what are we defining as the 'Hip Hop Movement' because I personally think this woman has it twisted. I think of Hip Hop as a culture made up of rhyming, DJing, breakdancing, graffiti, and empowerment. she is defining it as an extremely progressive movement that supports ending the war in Iraq, the Palestinian people, GLTBQ people, women leaders, and everything else. While, I am personally in line with all of these views, I don't really think that's what the 'Hip Hop Movement' is about...and I don't appreciate Ms. Clemente using Hip Hop as a way to both bash President Obama and also push her own political agenda...

It's a really short article (no more than a 5 minute read), so yall should check it out because I really want to get people's opinions on this...




Single Ladies Freestyle Feat Barry B and G-Curt

Here goes some more hot shit fa tha mixtape

Grind hard like a reggae Tape.

1st off, I would like to say I wish I was as talented as the Pratt's, but I'm not and I can't do shit but grind,,, and get girls lol. Mannnnnnn, Steeler's victory was crazy, n if yall thought my homegirls video was crazy, I may some O Dog in Menace 2 Society type shit on here in the near future, depends on how I'm feeling. Anywayssss, the legendary Fab 5 is working on a mixtape, and in my job title of "Nigga to get Nick signed" I'm putting him on the tape. It's been a whole day and he hasn't made a song yettttt, fuck kinda grind is that lol.

Sidenote, I'm editing my lil sister's paper,,, and I dont even kno what Its tryna say, I'm super confuseddddd. N yo, yall niggaz got homework. I got 75 profile views n I jus wanna kno who reads this shit lol, so hollllla at me n let me kno b4 I go into self prescribed solitary confinement


Peep dis Steeler's Foolishness

A few homegals of ours did dey thang fa tha Steeler's in light of dey SuperBowl appearance. Peep dis.


Allegra Pratt

Dis is a video of Fresh's lil sister Fresh Jr. killin it on tha vocals. Check her owt mayne. She needa get a deal.. Me too tho..

10 Helpful Tips (Do's and Dont's) for Females in 2009

In no particular order, here's what I came up with. I figured we could all use a little bit of help or refreshing of the memory sometimes. If you think you don't need any, foolish you and don't read it...

1. Keep bringing up past relationships to a minimum. No guy wants to hear about you with your past man and feel like he is still competing with him. That causes him to wonder if he doesn't keep your attention enough and is anything he doing brand new? (A little Drake for ya)

2. Please! And I repeat PLEASE! Tell your friends when they are looking a mess. If their outfit does not look good, you need to tell them that. If you think they look funny, what do you think a guy is going to think? For first dates, don't do too much. Keep it simple with a couple accessories and light on the makeup. Bring your personality because that is what he wants to get to know, not how much cubic zirconia and plastic you can manage to go with your outfit.

3. DO NOT think you can go and change a man. If you have a boy then that is another story. But a man, being the stubborn creatures that we are, becomes stuck in our ways once we get to a certain point. HE and only HE can decide if he wants to make a change and he'll let you know that. If not, move on to the next my good sister.

4. UNDERSTAND that he leads a life too. So this means if he doesn't answer a call or text, it may be because he's busy. Just because he does not answer you right away is not reason to start getting suspicious, unless you start to see a habit developing.

5. When you know that you did something wrong (even though women are always right) just ADMIT it. It will make the man happy and make you seem like a better person for being able to admit that you were wrong and MOVE ON.

6. Speaking of moving on, once you say that you forgive a man about something. It's OVER! That means do not bring it up everytime something happens that may not even be related to that situation. Now I'm not telling you to forget it, you should remember and take note but DO NOT bring it up!

7. I thought this was evident but apparently it's not... SHAVE!!! I am sorry, but there is nothing attractive about a peach fuzz on your upper lip. And girls, I know we not the only one to see this so say something to your girl because we find it very hard, nearly impossible to address your mustache without being rude, for real though!

8. Don't be so selfish all the time. Do what he likes to do sometimes. If he wants to sit and play video games, try and play with him. He could care less how good you are, but the fact that you are trying to do something to entertain him means more than you think. Be playful, sing, act goofy. He wants to know the real you and the fun you, not some front you try to put on because you're trying to be cool and impress him.

9. A man can take only but so much teasing before he needs some Pleasing! Don't get me wrong, engage in foreplay but too much just makes a man restless and maybe even annoyed. And when pleasing him, switch it up. Try new things! It should not be routine like your walk through the mall. Though it may feel good, it gets BORINGGG!

10. Better Communication!!! STOP saying, "o.. Nothin" when a guy asks you what's wrong. That is one of the most annoying things ever. Granted, it may be nothing wrong with you, women know how much some men are oblivious to how a woman is feeling so if he does think something is wrong, chances are, THERE IS! And communication doesn’t stop there. It also goes for the bedroom. Tell him what you like. Tell him where to touch if he’s not touching there. But say it in a seductive way, not belittling or demanding (unless yall are into that kind of stuff).

Bonus*** This may seem stereotypical but not meaning to at all, so don’t judge til the end but COOK!!! There are very few things a man appreciates more than a home cooked meal. It may remind them of their mother and not that he will see you as his mother but there are also few connections that a man has stronger than the one between him and his mother. It shows that you care and want to make sure he’s feeling good. Even if you can’t cook, TRY! I promise he’ll appreciate the effort more than anything else!!!

Truly Yours,

G Curt


We need internet

Yoooooo, wutz poppin. So whatz been goin onn, well Gary finally blogged and misspelled his title, fuk it he's a poet. Nick P is still the man, and the pic showsssss it. STEELERS are in the ship, boutta krush these birds on Sunday, hopefully. Fab5 is the best, other ppl can get paid off our work, has to be good for them...Nick Pratt is still the best rapper alive,,, Gary is now a distant second lol. Nigga got in the booth and had enough bars to lock up several states. Sidenote, I jus shot over an email to the Mickey Factz camp,,, hope he's down for the movement. I really don't feel like typin,,, so I'm outttttt.


Allow me to Introduce myself and Resposne to Unfaithful

What's good world? It's the boy G Curt Known to Flirt (and that's the short version). I be busy as hell and every time I have came to post I forgot my password but I got it now. I'll be posting random things every now then. I try to write poetry every now and then so here's somethin to start off...

So I was just on the shuttle and heard Rhianna's song "unfaithful" when it came on. And these are pretty much the thoughts that flowed through my mind... somethin lite...

Disclaimer: No person's feelings were harmed causing, during, or as a result of this poem. Thank you lol

A shot rang out,
The man screamed aloud,
His heart pierced by the bullet,
Who would've thought she would be the one to pull it.

The trigger squeezed slowly and the pain grew likewise,
Words could only tell half his pain because deeper is where the hurt lies,
He could only be fooled but for so long,
He soon realized too good to be true wasn't wrong.

And swore he wouldn't mourn but a man scorn is unable to mend a heart torn,
Alone that is.

But how is he to trust the next when Perfect was far from best?
And Next swears she's different from the rest,
But if I take a guess the rest will say the same as Next.

He refuses to live in fear and so gives her a shot,
She quickly moves to the number one spot,
Too late did he realize again he was got.
And too much more of this, he swore his heart would rot.

G Curt


slick reezle

my latest 'celebrity encounter' brought me face-to-face with the one and only, Slick Rick. ok so it wasn't really an 'encounter' it was clearly very much planned, and i wasn't really 'face-to-face' - just taking pictures while we got an interview with him, but it was still all good. 

if you wanna know how I feel about Mr. Slick, i definitely put 'the great adventures...' in my top 5 hip hop albums of all time. its bananas! THE RULERS BACK - R U KIDDIN ME RIGHT NOW?!?! fire! or pgh...fyyyyre yuuuoo - hahaha

anyway. the event was a travesty. there were about 40 people at the club, almost all of who were 45 years of age and older. ((pause)) ok and resume. i just don't understand how you can have one of hip hop's greatest and nobody comes out...they barely even advertised for it. not a good look on any level. regardless, we got the interview, got the pictures, and met one of the original story tellers...shut it down. OH and the jewelry was crazyyy. what have youu been doing with YOUR lives lately??


New site, new moves

Please check out the new site, kuz it goes harddd. Even though I hate the pic that is put up, I just want to kno why I am laughing so hard, that was prolly when Barry told Ifenyi to "get yo gay ass off of me. But yea my G'z, back to the grind, gotta get this hold off of my account so a nigga can register for this last class. I sense a Jersey takeover of PITT this weekend, I mean we already run this bitch but more can't hurt. Steelers about to bust the Ravens ass,,, hopefully. We already beat them twice and that's the only reason I do not want to play them again. Sidenote... where the hoes at? Minus the one's that I'm blacklisting in early 09. Females done lost they minds. "Bitches is birds so I give em sunflower seeds."
What yall think about me remixing Beyonce's single ladies? lol sporty thieves styleee. Im outtt



Prod. by Beewirks



Wanted to blog on some random nonsense, but instead I figured I wud put up something with meaning. Police are still bugging in 2009, and people aren't even safe around the so-called enforcers of the law.


let the beat build freestyle

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Let The Beat Build Freestyle


the lucky 25

good afternoon 'class'...

short introduction - I'm Butta and I'm the truth. thanks Nick P for inviting me to write here - I'm not the most consistent with blogs, but I'll be through ever so often when I have something I want to share with the world. happy January 09. i just read that 25 out of the 500 stocks in the S&P 500 finished in the black - including my new favorite spot - WalMart. Others were, McDonald's, Family Dollar, General Mills (cuz we gotta eat), Waste Management (i would hope the economy wouldn't stop garbage pick up), and H&R Block (i just realized i have no clue what they do). so, if you're tryna invest some money you know what companies are smooth. here's the rest of the list: 



Soulja Boy Says Nas Killed Hip Hop

Whats Good,
I haven't posted yet so I guess I should introduce myself...I go by the name of Miss Dj Gemz and I'm glad my homeboy Nick asked me to be a writer on here....Yeaaaa thats about all I got..Here's the post Barry was tryna put up here though....My thoughts: I would love to hear Nas' response but than again.....I really don't think Soulja Boy is worth his time...Aight yall here it goes:

-Miss Dj Gemz