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Dis is a video of Fresh's lil sister Fresh Jr. killin it on tha vocals. Check her owt mayne. She needa get a deal.. Me too tho..

10 Helpful Tips (Do's and Dont's) for Females in 2009

In no particular order, here's what I came up with. I figured we could all use a little bit of help or refreshing of the memory sometimes. If you think you don't need any, foolish you and don't read it...

1. Keep bringing up past relationships to a minimum. No guy wants to hear about you with your past man and feel like he is still competing with him. That causes him to wonder if he doesn't keep your attention enough and is anything he doing brand new? (A little Drake for ya)

2. Please! And I repeat PLEASE! Tell your friends when they are looking a mess. If their outfit does not look good, you need to tell them that. If you think they look funny, what do you think a guy is going to think? For first dates, don't do too much. Keep it simple with a couple accessories and light on the makeup. Bring your personality because that is what he wants to get to know, not how much cubic zirconia and plastic you can manage to go with your outfit.

3. DO NOT think you can go and change a man. If you have a boy then that is another story. But a man, being the stubborn creatures that we are, becomes stuck in our ways once we get to a certain point. HE and only HE can decide if he wants to make a change and he'll let you know that. If not, move on to the next my good sister.

4. UNDERSTAND that he leads a life too. So this means if he doesn't answer a call or text, it may be because he's busy. Just because he does not answer you right away is not reason to start getting suspicious, unless you start to see a habit developing.

5. When you know that you did something wrong (even though women are always right) just ADMIT it. It will make the man happy and make you seem like a better person for being able to admit that you were wrong and MOVE ON.

6. Speaking of moving on, once you say that you forgive a man about something. It's OVER! That means do not bring it up everytime something happens that may not even be related to that situation. Now I'm not telling you to forget it, you should remember and take note but DO NOT bring it up!

7. I thought this was evident but apparently it's not... SHAVE!!! I am sorry, but there is nothing attractive about a peach fuzz on your upper lip. And girls, I know we not the only one to see this so say something to your girl because we find it very hard, nearly impossible to address your mustache without being rude, for real though!

8. Don't be so selfish all the time. Do what he likes to do sometimes. If he wants to sit and play video games, try and play with him. He could care less how good you are, but the fact that you are trying to do something to entertain him means more than you think. Be playful, sing, act goofy. He wants to know the real you and the fun you, not some front you try to put on because you're trying to be cool and impress him.

9. A man can take only but so much teasing before he needs some Pleasing! Don't get me wrong, engage in foreplay but too much just makes a man restless and maybe even annoyed. And when pleasing him, switch it up. Try new things! It should not be routine like your walk through the mall. Though it may feel good, it gets BORINGGG!

10. Better Communication!!! STOP saying, "o.. Nothin" when a guy asks you what's wrong. That is one of the most annoying things ever. Granted, it may be nothing wrong with you, women know how much some men are oblivious to how a woman is feeling so if he does think something is wrong, chances are, THERE IS! And communication doesn’t stop there. It also goes for the bedroom. Tell him what you like. Tell him where to touch if he’s not touching there. But say it in a seductive way, not belittling or demanding (unless yall are into that kind of stuff).

Bonus*** This may seem stereotypical but not meaning to at all, so don’t judge til the end but COOK!!! There are very few things a man appreciates more than a home cooked meal. It may remind them of their mother and not that he will see you as his mother but there are also few connections that a man has stronger than the one between him and his mother. It shows that you care and want to make sure he’s feeling good. Even if you can’t cook, TRY! I promise he’ll appreciate the effort more than anything else!!!

Truly Yours,

G Curt


We need internet

Yoooooo, wutz poppin. So whatz been goin onn, well Gary finally blogged and misspelled his title, fuk it he's a poet. Nick P is still the man, and the pic showsssss it. STEELERS are in the ship, boutta krush these birds on Sunday, hopefully. Fab5 is the best, other ppl can get paid off our work, has to be good for them...Nick Pratt is still the best rapper alive,,, Gary is now a distant second lol. Nigga got in the booth and had enough bars to lock up several states. Sidenote, I jus shot over an email to the Mickey Factz camp,,, hope he's down for the movement. I really don't feel like typin,,, so I'm outttttt.


Allow me to Introduce myself and Resposne to Unfaithful

What's good world? It's the boy G Curt Known to Flirt (and that's the short version). I be busy as hell and every time I have came to post I forgot my password but I got it now. I'll be posting random things every now then. I try to write poetry every now and then so here's somethin to start off...

So I was just on the shuttle and heard Rhianna's song "unfaithful" when it came on. And these are pretty much the thoughts that flowed through my mind... somethin lite...

Disclaimer: No person's feelings were harmed causing, during, or as a result of this poem. Thank you lol

A shot rang out,
The man screamed aloud,
His heart pierced by the bullet,
Who would've thought she would be the one to pull it.

The trigger squeezed slowly and the pain grew likewise,
Words could only tell half his pain because deeper is where the hurt lies,
He could only be fooled but for so long,
He soon realized too good to be true wasn't wrong.

And swore he wouldn't mourn but a man scorn is unable to mend a heart torn,
Alone that is.

But how is he to trust the next when Perfect was far from best?
And Next swears she's different from the rest,
But if I take a guess the rest will say the same as Next.

He refuses to live in fear and so gives her a shot,
She quickly moves to the number one spot,
Too late did he realize again he was got.
And too much more of this, he swore his heart would rot.

G Curt


slick reezle

my latest 'celebrity encounter' brought me face-to-face with the one and only, Slick Rick. ok so it wasn't really an 'encounter' it was clearly very much planned, and i wasn't really 'face-to-face' - just taking pictures while we got an interview with him, but it was still all good. 

if you wanna know how I feel about Mr. Slick, i definitely put 'the great adventures...' in my top 5 hip hop albums of all time. its bananas! THE RULERS BACK - R U KIDDIN ME RIGHT NOW?!?! fire! or pgh...fyyyyre yuuuoo - hahaha

anyway. the event was a travesty. there were about 40 people at the club, almost all of who were 45 years of age and older. ((pause)) ok and resume. i just don't understand how you can have one of hip hop's greatest and nobody comes out...they barely even advertised for it. not a good look on any level. regardless, we got the interview, got the pictures, and met one of the original story tellers...shut it down. OH and the jewelry was crazyyy. what have youu been doing with YOUR lives lately??


New site, new moves

Please check out the new site, kuz it goes harddd. Even though I hate the pic that is put up, I just want to kno why I am laughing so hard, that was prolly when Barry told Ifenyi to "get yo gay ass off of me. But yea my G'z, back to the grind, gotta get this hold off of my account so a nigga can register for this last class. I sense a Jersey takeover of PITT this weekend, I mean we already run this bitch but more can't hurt. Steelers about to bust the Ravens ass,,, hopefully. We already beat them twice and that's the only reason I do not want to play them again. Sidenote... where the hoes at? Minus the one's that I'm blacklisting in early 09. Females done lost they minds. "Bitches is birds so I give em sunflower seeds."
What yall think about me remixing Beyonce's single ladies? lol sporty thieves styleee. Im outtt



Prod. by Beewirks



Wanted to blog on some random nonsense, but instead I figured I wud put up something with meaning. Police are still bugging in 2009, and people aren't even safe around the so-called enforcers of the law.


let the beat build freestyle

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Let The Beat Build Freestyle


the lucky 25

good afternoon 'class'...

short introduction - I'm Butta and I'm the truth. thanks Nick P for inviting me to write here - I'm not the most consistent with blogs, but I'll be through ever so often when I have something I want to share with the world. happy January 09. i just read that 25 out of the 500 stocks in the S&P 500 finished in the black - including my new favorite spot - WalMart. Others were, McDonald's, Family Dollar, General Mills (cuz we gotta eat), Waste Management (i would hope the economy wouldn't stop garbage pick up), and H&R Block (i just realized i have no clue what they do). so, if you're tryna invest some money you know what companies are smooth. here's the rest of the list: 



Soulja Boy Says Nas Killed Hip Hop

Whats Good,
I haven't posted yet so I guess I should introduce myself...I go by the name of Miss Dj Gemz and I'm glad my homeboy Nick asked me to be a writer on here....Yeaaaa thats about all I got..Here's the post Barry was tryna put up here though....My thoughts: I would love to hear Nas' response but than again.....I really don't think Soulja Boy is worth his time...Aight yall here it goes:

-Miss Dj Gemz