Randomized Organization

Blogging kuz Im bored but bored kuz I'm blogging, kind of in a bad situation I guess. Barry B, the Youngest in Charge checking in once again,,, there's probably no1 even reading this but fuck it I don't care lol. I'm at work and need a way to pass the time, jus skreamed on a high skooler cuz he's supposed 2 be taking a test but is sendin love notes thru a calculator to another dude, kinda gay. Shout out 2 Alyce and her apple pie lol, shit smells dum good. Yo, I tried to upload the video of soulja boy sayin Nas killed hip hop (the child is getting besides himself), but idk how to do it, whatever I'm new at this.
I don't know what I'm doinggg for New Years Eve 2night, there's 2 many ideas but nothing that really sticks out as superb. I was told to "stay inside, call people drunk and scream Happy New Years'..." That's lame as shittttt, I may jus face a bottle of Mo in preparation for the madness 2009 will bring. I found myself listenin 2 my roommate's music alot. The growth is krazyy, shout out to the nicest 21 year old rapper on the planet, Nick Pratt the Scholar. PITT is losin 2 Rutgers ryte now, jersey goes hard even tho rutgers is wak. LT u shudda went there nigga. fuk it, i'm outttt

Barry B
Youngest In Charge


The Introduction for those previously unaware

Whats poppinnnnnn. Signin in to the internet world for the first time, it's ya boy Barry B the youngest in charge. Reppin Jerz, currently located in Pittsburgh. Kinda excited about this blog shit, idk y tho lol. Short Bio... I'm the man,,, I'm young, I'm pretty and I hit hard. I'm in the best shape of my life, niggaz dont wanna get in the ring wit me (Mase line, so what?). In conclusion, 2Thousand OHMine will be (as the name implies) mine. Stay tuned for updates on the world and updates on ur favorite (KollegeBoy) Movement.

Yooooo to the Bro'sss


2009.. The ReBirth

Soo.. It's almost 2009 and I've been evolving. I've expanded my business swag. R2 Music Group LLC is definitely getting off the ground major in 2009. I'm watching one of my close friends, comrades, and artists reach his goals and realizing the action I need to take to reach mine, as well as seeing that I need and want to open up this whole College Boy thang to tha rest of tha world, and with that being said, I'm currently in tha process of inviting more writers and making this thang more social. Not only that, but we'll also be putting up exclusives from artists you may have heard of and some we'd like for you to get to know (or get to know better in my personal case). Nonetheless, stay tuned to tha spot. We gon be tryna brang somethin new different and entertaining. Until then..

Holla at a Scholar!