Bone Kill Yourself...

OOPS!! It's too late.. I did it for you. Tha Step Show ended last night. This afternoon I now have tha song fa Bone and da rest of da world. Here it is. I'ma try to put a poll on here too so DeMarcus the Heir to Nick Pratt's shadow can sit his ass down.


Im Better Than Nick Pratt

Recently do to my success I have had the privledge of doing a bunch of songs related to my life. One in particular "Where Tha Money At" features my brother Nick Pratt. For some reason he is under the impression that his verse was better than mine on this song(Crazy Right?). Well after hearing such remarks I requested that he put tha song on the blog an let the people decided and yet he has failed to do so. Which brings me to the conclusion that he is scared and doesnt want his ego crushed; therefore, he has allowed it to "slip" his mind or he has been too"busy". What are you scared of Nick? Answer: bONE is better MC than Nick Pratt!!!!!

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"College Boy Movement South MuthaFucker People Know US"


Well I'm Back.. Alright Alright

Ay Barrett.. eat a dick. I aint tryna talk shit but when your organization can live up to mine I wont make your ass stay banned in tha third floor. I might even call it a truce if yall was gettin it in like we do, but.. unfortunately thas not tha case.

..and I'm gone.


Fuck Nick and whatever he is talking about. I mean, us NUPEs don't reall feel the need to diss all like that. Maybe a littel bit but we don't spend our entire lives trying to prove to someone that we're better than them. I mean, they already understand that. And that's why they try 2 hurt our feelings... Nigga I'm grown, dat don't bother me lol. YOOO TO THE BRO'ZZZ

Steel City Step Show

I'm sitting up in David Lawrence now with my Dean, ADP, and LB (YBG'z bizznatch!!!!) preppin fa tha stepshow tomorrow and I realize that I really want this to be over. I think our show is pretty dope to say tha least, however, i dont feel a victory. You can say we brang it on ourselves b/c we diss too much. Oh well.. Whatchu think we in tha computer lab workin on now? finishin up deez disses. If tha kappas didn't hate us before dey should now.. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! And tha Alphas and tha Sigmas of course. Who? Iotas? WTF is that? Mayne fuck all of em in my personal opinion. Its a big bow wow in Que Thousand Nine and suck a doggy dick if you hatin..

..AND I'M GONE!!!!




Paper.. Something that I don't have, and something that I need to work on. My fuckin prophyte, LBs, and a K (or Pinky for some of yall non-southerners) are chillin in my room.. And I have 5 pages to write by Monday at 4:45pm. I opted out of going out and being in this Wiz Khalifa video shoot at tha club so I could work on a paper. Yet, I'm sitting here with no pages read and no pages written. What the fuck? I hate school.



Man Fuck The StepShow

Man fuck the stepshow.

I'm at my prophyte crib right now. He's drunk playin xbox and i jus spent the whole day not filming like I was posed to. People just not comin through like dey say dey goin to. I'm really tired of this shit

I'm gettin ready for tha longest week ever. Two papers, an exam and the hopshow. In the words of myself, "fuck these midterms, midterms." I just wanna grow up to be a famous rapper.

Speaking of which, the mixtape is coming. Soon. Hopefully. I'm just waitin on artwork and tryna find a DJ to host it, so if you know anybody that'll do it for a reasonable, free price, let me know.

Man fuck the stepshow.




I need to schedule a trip to Timebomb, tomorrow sounds good to go. Shorty copped me a nice lil $50 certificate to cop some play cloths wit. She listens, surprisingly lol. I'm sittin here on the website and pretty much everything is sold out. Expected... My blogging on weaves got alotta reads, mainly from ppl I made read it. whatever, fuk it who kares. N I'm leavin class so Im outttt


I think I'm gonna sing all my own hooks from here on owt.


Yoooo wutz good. As I get stuck at 16 bars I decided 2 hit the blog up. I'm still waitin on Nick's mixtape, nigga got the world waitin like dat shit is kool, it ain't. I'm actually at work right now listening to my co workers talk about taking weave out. YOu see Dorthy has her first glue in weave, and she's scared as shit that the glue is gonna pull her hair out, which it probably will. She sounds so foolish, while the weave "professionals" (Kara and Genna) are telling her it will all be fineeeeee. The things you females do. I personally HATE weave. Why lie about the length of your hair? The nigga is gonna find out eventually, foolish ass fools. N now we in da car arguin about it. "What if your hair falls out?" Foolish nigga your hair ain't fall out so what are you saying. Awwww mannnnn, now we're comparing weave to bracessssss. I'm done wit this shit. I never seen my mother or sister wit a weave, and that's all I have to go on. Ya digg me? And shit, its usuallypretty dam obvious when shorty has weave. I ain't stupid, I kno dam well that tou don't have a layer of ur hair that stops at ur shoulders, and another that stops at your nipple. Fukkkk outta here.
This discussion led us to talking about make up. Make up ain't bad, but all dat make up every day? You are lying about what you look like constantly, to the point where you may even forget. Lies women tell, and y'all say niggaz are bad. At least you know what I look like. And that's all 4 now. Random confusion of the mind of Barry B. May have a part 2 komin soon.


College Boy Movement: Prairie View A&M University

Wats Poppin World dis tha Heir To Tha Future Bone n da building. I got Texas rockin on tha College Boy Movement Nick wasnt bullshit people know us. Go check out my new single "HomeGurl" myspace.com/swaggaking1 leave a comment. Oh an yes I am a better rapper then Nick Pratt lol....................fuk wit a playa leave dem lames on they playstation



Jesus put me on the pay roll

god wit this shit, jesus put me on the pay roll...
So, I'm sitting in class as my lil virtual rat trains himself, and I'm thinking to myself, "How can I be as cool as my roomates?" And there's no way possible, I mean, yall hear Nick P on the tracks, and read G Curts poetry n advice for females. These niggaz r 2 cool. So I decided I wud jus get in where I fit in. I'm pretty excited for this new spring Play cloths drop tomorrow, minus the fact that I have no breadddddd. R2, where them checks attttt? That cardigan looks soooo hard, prolly wont be in Pgh, but fuk it I need it. I need a girl who will sponsor me n buy me nice DKNY cardigans, wait we're talkin about Play cloths. On dat note shout out 2 G lol. I feel like I should work on my mixtape, Its gonna be about gettin fresh n thats pretty much it. It's gonna be on leak jones n then imma get signed n go platinum... And 50 won't diss me I'll get Chris Brown 2 beat up his baby momzzzz

Chris Brown - Beat You Down

Soooo I know I haven't posted in a while...so I decided to come back strong. Me and my homeboy went to the studio today and made this track just for yall. Let me know what you think:


I'm On A Boat...



i think...BIGGIE...OBAMA...bitches...HIP HOP

biggie is the best rapper ever! bitch!

rahh...i'm sitting in this damn library TRYING to be productive but it is not working. i honestly think i can never get shit done unless i'm procrastinating...i don't have much to say actually. i heard busta rhymes comin to pgh at the end of the month, who's tryna go with me?? AY PRATT get that song together so you can be blazin hip hop&r&b on WAMO asap! niggyyy. m'fucker....sorry temporary pittsburgh 'slang' slip...

i just read this article by Rosa Clemente who ran for VP with Cynthia McKinney on the Green Party ticket. She's writing about Obama and how he is not the first hip hop President. I guess it came after a lot of 'heads of hip hop' were calling President Obama a hip hop President and because Obama used the 'hip hop generation' to his advantage during his campaign.

my first question would be - what the fuck is a hip hop President?
second question - what are we defining as the 'Hip Hop Movement' because I personally think this woman has it twisted. I think of Hip Hop as a culture made up of rhyming, DJing, breakdancing, graffiti, and empowerment. she is defining it as an extremely progressive movement that supports ending the war in Iraq, the Palestinian people, GLTBQ people, women leaders, and everything else. While, I am personally in line with all of these views, I don't really think that's what the 'Hip Hop Movement' is about...and I don't appreciate Ms. Clemente using Hip Hop as a way to both bash President Obama and also push her own political agenda...

It's a really short article (no more than a 5 minute read), so yall should check it out because I really want to get people's opinions on this...




Single Ladies Freestyle Feat Barry B and G-Curt

Here goes some more hot shit fa tha mixtape

Grind hard like a reggae Tape.

1st off, I would like to say I wish I was as talented as the Pratt's, but I'm not and I can't do shit but grind,,, and get girls lol. Mannnnnnn, Steeler's victory was crazy, n if yall thought my homegirls video was crazy, I may some O Dog in Menace 2 Society type shit on here in the near future, depends on how I'm feeling. Anywayssss, the legendary Fab 5 is working on a mixtape, and in my job title of "Nigga to get Nick signed" I'm putting him on the tape. It's been a whole day and he hasn't made a song yettttt, fuck kinda grind is that lol.

Sidenote, I'm editing my lil sister's paper,,, and I dont even kno what Its tryna say, I'm super confuseddddd. N yo, yall niggaz got homework. I got 75 profile views n I jus wanna kno who reads this shit lol, so hollllla at me n let me kno b4 I go into self prescribed solitary confinement


Peep dis Steeler's Foolishness

A few homegals of ours did dey thang fa tha Steeler's in light of dey SuperBowl appearance. Peep dis.