Soo ya boy went to D.C. from Saturday to Tuesday for this conference that didnt see no parts of me. I instead chilled wit my prophyte and my potna and spent money that I didn't have.. Blew some rap money and then some pretend money. It was great! D.C. has a high ass AIDS population, so the theme of the week was from my boy Gorilla Zoe, "she got her tongue ring for free, she can't put that tongue on me, she can put that tongue on you, you can catch that shit for free." Pretty much sums up how I feel about the D.C. chicks. The quote of the week, however, was made from LaKeshia, a Howard U student, about the homosexuals on her campus stating, "yeah its a buncha faggots here. dey be wearing uggs.. dancin round and twitchin and shit." Mayne dat shit was fuuuunnnyy!! She aint lie tho.. The homosexuals were heavy in the District.. Prolly a main factor in the AIDS Epidemic.. SMDH.


P.S. I think the mixtape gon be done this weekend.. I got my fangaz crossed.


Reality Show

As I sit in class, once again training my virtual rat, I decided the world needed 2 hear from me. I feel like I need my own show, well not me, but the squad. Like real rap, fuk a college hill. I aint seen no real krazy shit on that show yet, and we all cooler than any nigga who ever been on it. Yea, we done had the beefs (not wit each other), the hoes (lovely ladies I mean), we funny as shit, get fly than a hawk while yall as fly as a penguin. I mean, I jus don't gettt itttt. Fuk it, lets get this bread, and all that. DJ Reflection komeee on with the mixtape, the streets is fiendin (kinda), if not they should be. More random thoughts but I dont feel like writing them haha.

Barry B the Youngest in Charge


Bone Update

Wats Up World!!!!! Shout To My Lil Big Bro Nick Owen On Releasing YET Another Mixtape.........Mine Is Currently In The Works Hosted By Definition DJ Tuss, The Realest Nigga In The Classroom: HBCU, we lookin at about a middle May release. Also the new single "HomeGurl" is steady gainin momentum across the south.....shout out to DJ Cool-Aid in -Mississippi........so i appreciate the support....follow me on Twitter Heir Bone, Facebook D/FW and PVAMU Network Heir Bone, and myspace.com/swaggaking1. Preciate Tha Love we at almost 40 stacks in plays. Ima keep grindin, yall keep supportin.


-P.S Shout to the U of Pitt in tha Tourney bet Yall Cant Win It All LOL


All Gone

My money... all goneeeee. Spent 2 much in Phoenix, blew it all on some birthday candle shit. Fuk itt, Now itz time 2 get some bread wit Nick. Formula 412 sound like car oil, for old broken down 1992 Civics.Its all good tho, kuz even though outsiders ain't cooperating and are actin like hoes, the team is strong and its simple: roll wit us, or get rolled over. Ya Diggs? Time 2 start to plan the listening party, this would be more productive in a city that's not Pittsburgh, but we'll set it up right. We need shows... shows, shows, shows,,, and sponsorships n money. I guess thats my job, shit im tryin lol.

Barry B the Youngest in Charge



Soo.. I need money. I'm not gettin to open up for N.E.R.D. they picked Formula 412 (b/c they're a Pitt band? b/c i'm sure the requirements were that you had to be a Pitt band, atleast that's what they said on twitter those lyin summabitches), so I'm instead gonna focus back on developin my sound. Writin deez bars and gettin in tha studio wit Bobby and D.Nice makin deez hats. Tha first single is almost here and the second single will be coming shortly! Its time for the take over, College Boy Movement. 2000-Grind!


P.S. The mixtape is on tha way.. DJ Reflection doin his thang right now so be ready!

P.P.S. Annnndd we may be havin a listenin/release party soo stay posted!


Young Scolla -" Lust For Greatness"

Check my folk Young Scolla out. He makin moves outta Detroit. "Lust For Greatness"


Successful Pt. 2

Boutta leave tha studio now..

Very Productive..

Made me realize dat this thang may have been meant to be..

More later..


Fuck Phoenix

Ballin ass roommates on spring break trips n shit. I'm at da studio.. Grindin. And not "Da Corna" either, I'm talkin bout dis expensive ass CMU Studio gettin it in. Video footage and tracks comin soon.


Got a New Phone..

BlackBerry Curve.. Yes.. A female phone.




Bak in Jerz

Let me start this off on a somewhat random, but revealing note. Apparently this doesn't happen to anyone but me, lol but if you have been wit a shorty more than twice, and have to ask 4 head. Chances are she ain't good at it, so why waste the time. The girls wit a mean top game take pride in that, and therefore do it on their own. Lol but yea apparently this only affects me.
Back to reality, I'm bak in the great, often hated on, state of New Jersey. This trip is gonna be relatively trouble free, mmaybe kuz I jus got here yesterday and I'm leaving in a few hours. On the ride home from forty deuce yesterday I learned some great shit, one of my best friends stopped Bangin. Y'all readin this are prolly college kids livin in a bubble, but shit kan get real out here, or anywhere. But, although he gonna be facin a lil heat 4 it n whatnot, niggaz ain't tryna go 2 war over 1 lost member, and trust me, niggaz kan make it a war. Anywhooooo, 2morro I'm off to Phoenix, warm weather, outdoor bball courts, and hopefully a tat 4 me depending on how much it is. I'm excited, goin 2 da desert, tryna see some cacti n shitttt. I'll be hittin y'all wit updates n shitt 1nce I'm there.
Twitter me babbbbbyyyyy: BarryB7. N I'm out

Barry B The Youngest in Charge


Highly Pissed

I have been defeated, I am very shocked by the outcome, and I personally want to say FUCK YOU to all of the people that voted for Neo. If any of YA'LL ever come to Texas I'll be sure to treat you with the upmost disrespect. Thank You


And The Winner Is..

As if yall didnt know who was gon be victorious! Much love to tha nigga Bone tho. Dats my boy all day. Yo this time change thang gotcha boy effed up in tha game, I'm soooo glad its sprang break so I can get acclimated to dis foolishness, I jus hope tha weather holds over (minus this lil rain).
So I got home today, mind you its like 3am and its some random chick sittin on tha steps to tha unoccupied crib next door. So me being tha nice guy dat I am, asked lil mama if errythang was straight and she was like yeah, but as I was goin in tha crib she asked if she could come sit inside and I told her yeah. So she came in wit this big ass diaper bag lookin thang full of her shit and she proceeded to tell me bout dis big ass fight dat her and her boyfriend just got in, and me, being generally unamused, began to text errybody bout dis random ass chick i had sittin on my couch and my ADP pointed out to me that my story sounded like tha beginning of a bad horror flick and at that point I was confused as to why I would let dis broad in tha crib.. Too late. She finally left, but as I think back on her story, she was talkin bout her man aint shit and I wondered, if a nigga/chick aint got nothin spectacular goin for them, what keeps you around? It's gotta be somethin right? She said there was nothin worth holdin on to with this dude. Not even the sex. That's stupid to me, but jus somethin for yall to think about while choosin future partners. Make sure that if anything, they at least know how to put it down in tha room. Otherwise, what good are they? Exactly.



I need a new phone..

Preferably somethin with a keyboard..

Make it happen.



I Jus Wanna Be Successful..

Sooo.. It's pretty much spring break for ya boy and I'm glad. Big sigh of relief right derr and it also seems like errythang is coming to a close. Had a very good meeting the other night, finished up all my assignments, and am almost officially finished wit this mixtape. So far, so good.

In Barry B's quest to make me famous so we can get paid, tonight I believe I'll find out whether or not I'm going to be opening up for N.E.R.D. March 28th, so pray for me, b/c I need it. This might be the show that opens up some doors for ya boy. Between, that, this mixtape, Bone's recent success (my potna hit me up at 3 in da mornin to tell me how big his song is gettin.. POW), and Beewirks doin tracks fa all these major artists (Slum Village, Chaundon, and Stat Quo jus to name a few) it looks like the Movement is about to be ON.

Now.. if only this biweekly meeting could happen so I can either go home and go to sleep or go do some music!!!! Sheesh..



Wow They Went In... HARD

Some niggas yall might have heard of some yall may not have, but altogether they are "Ocean's 5" and dey can be caught goin hard right here, right now.

Let me katch u up , and droppa TRACKK

Yea, It's definitely been a minute since I wrote anything besides say fuck the Que's. So as i'm sittin here bumpinnnn the incredibad album I thought I wud let yall in2 some shit. Bongg, So Far Gone dropped, and everybody immediately hailed it as the best shit ever. SIKEEEE, I dont even bangs wit it, and no1 will put out a better mixtape than MM2, soooo stfu. Nick The Scholar Pratt, or whatever he is kallin himself now, is gettin famous, gettin placement on web sites and I'll actually post a track here. Tryna get the downloads up to a millionnnnn. Also, last time I checked I had the most profile views on here, which makes me the man. The man who foolishly lost his fone, and is jus sittin in da krib waitin 4 da slow ass mailman to drop my new off. I also copped a hard ass play cloths polo, I feel accomplished now.

O yeaa, let me do wut I promised
http://www.sendspace.com/file/up0v48 http://www.sendspace.com/file/up0v48 http://www.sendspace.com/file/up0v48 http://www.sendspace.com/file/up0v48 http://www.sendspace.com/file/up0v48 http://www.sendspace.com/file/up0v48