White Greeks

Soo.. White greeks are no where near as concerned about their colors as Black greeks are. Case in point: I'm walkin down Bigelow Ave. in the heart of Pitt's campus and I see this black dude in White fraternity letters, I think it was like Tau Epsilon Phi or somethin and the colors on his hoodie were ridiculous. He had on a light/faded pink sweatshirt with white letters on it, but the white letters had like a powder blue glittery sequins outline.. In the words of my dude Phonte' "c'mon dog.."


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I'm Lacee... said...

That would be Warren from TEP and he is a punk just as his whack ass sequin letters would make him out to be. I've seen that hoodie you speak of many a time and he gets a mean mug EVERY time. Disgrace.